Experience exploring Khoang Sapa village


In which season should you go to Ban Khoang Sapa Vietnam? Each season, this commune has its own beauty. If you come here in spring, you will see peach blossoms blooming. If you come to the commune in the summer, there will be a very interesting water season. And the autumn of golden ripe rice on the terraced fields is the most ideal time to explore Ban Khoang. Today, this commune is gradually becoming famous and attracting more tourists, so people have also started to invest in tourism development. Coming to the commune, you can choose to stay at homestays or ask to stay at local people’s houses. If you are afraid of inconvenience, you should stay in the center of Sapa town and explore this commune during the day.

About Ban Khoang Sapa Vietnam, if you just walk around and take pictures, you can dress up in beautiful clothes as you like. If you want to trek, explore rice fields, mountains and hills, you should wear active clothes and sports shoes. Don’t forget your jacket and sunscreen, because the highland weather is cool, but it doesn’t escape the sun.

Ban Khoang Commune Sapa Vietnam is a beautiful tourist coordinate that those who are passionate about exploring cannot ignore. About the tourist commune, you will have a beautiful and memorable journey when you are free to enjoy the beautiful scenery, learn about the local culture and people. Ban Khoang is so great, what are you waiting for, if you haven’t gone yet?

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