Experience backpacking on Tho Ha fishbone road

In the eyes of photographers, Tho Ha ancient village is an endless source of creative inspiration for many satisfactory frames. Groups of young people in Hanoi often invite each other here to have a picnic, and many couples have chosen for themselves a beautiful “composition” in the hundred-year wedding photo series.

Stepping through the time-colored village gate is into a space dense with ancient culture. The fishbone lines here are deep and narrow, sometimes just enough for two people to walk to avoid each other. Tho Ha ancient village seems to be more bustling in the early morning when people are busy drying batches of rice paper rolls, everywhere is used to dry cakes, from small entrances and exits, on roofs, river banks, tree branches, courtyards. family…

Every time you go to the village roads and alleys in Tho Ha ancient village, you will see the uniqueness of the ancient village with the herringbone-shaped roads, the ancient chessboard-shaped roads and roads, connected in series. The ancient beauty here has many similarities with the ancient village of Duong Lam (Hanoi).

Going into Tho Ha ancient village, the most interesting is the small alleys. A red color of worn-out old bricks, showing the spirit of time stamps, attractive alleys, lined walls blocking a glossy dark brown earthenware. Visitors to this place often have a special impression with the ancient, nostalgic but rustic and quiet look. The special thing in the lifestyle of the people of Tho Ha ancient pottery village is to use discarded pottery and pieces of pottery to build houses and walls. Those walls are not plastered, regardless of wind and rain, forming a unique cohesive block.

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