Enjoy the sweet cold of Sapa Vietnam in the early days of winter

If you are someone who loves the beauty of nature, seeks peace and quiet among the rolling mountains, or loves adventure and exploration, then you should try once to visit Sapa Vietnam, a place attractiveness of domestic tourism. Sapa has never stopped being “hot” for travel enthusiasts. The roads hugging the cliffs, the terraced rice fields, or the mist hanging over the top of the mountain in the early days of winter are all A precious gift that this land offers to tourists from far away places. Winter begins in mid-November, when the sky is less blue, the terraced fields are no longer dyed golden or bright green but give way to the biting cold.

When winter comes, when going to Sapa Vietnam, visitors will admire the picture of landscape immersed in the mist spreading in the early morning and evening. The mist is very carefree and spreads everywhere, hanging on the rows of trees. grass, lovely houses, hidden in small alleys and even on the distant mountain peaks, the natural scenery is vaguely hidden in the mist and when standing in the dense fog, people can only see clearly see things at a distance of a few meters and experience the extremely romantic peaceful feeling of deserted roads with only the beauty of high mountains covered in white mist. Yet, winter is the season that most tourists come to this land, because winter there is frost, ice, snow, and things that no one would expect from a tropical country like Vietnam. Yes again.

Coming to Sapa Vietnam in the snowy season, visitors will have the opportunity to watch small snowflakes slowly falling onto the houses, rows of trees, and small roads covered with white snow and ice. Coming to winter days, visitors may immediately fall in love with the peaceful, gentle and attractive beauty of cold snow showers. Sit with your friends next to the warm fire and watch the snowflakes falling on the porch or sip a hot cup of coffee in the cozy space of a beautiful small cafe to feel the romantic winter taste. through the small window.

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