Enjoy the specialties of Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam

The specialties of Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam in general and Sapa specialties in particular are as simple and unique as the scenery here. There are no luxurious restaurants, but only dishes associated with the life of the Ho people for a long time. The most famous can be mentioned dishes such as grilled fish in Muong Hoa stream, purple sticky rice, lam rice, grilled wild chicken, grilled wild boar, … or duck dishes cooked with sour bamboo shoots, typical mountain wine.

A special feature of the cuisine here is that the ingredients are grown and hunted right in the forest, so they are eaten very fresh. There are tourists when visiting Muong Hoa stream, they will catch fresh fish at the stream and grill it right away. In addition, the typical Sapa grilled chicken rice dish is also very popular with tourists when they have the opportunity to visit Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam.

Although Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam is a little-known spot, it has a very peaceful and wild beauty. From the beauty of the majestic natural picture bestowed by the Creator to the beauty in the national culture and life, in the unique and new mountain cuisine. All create an idyllic beauty that any visitor coming here will be attached to. If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa, do not forget to add to your schedule a beautiful and poetic place like Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam!

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