Duc cake

On hot sunny days, going to Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam to relax, visitors can enjoy extremely rustic dishes. It is a cake – a special dish in the market of the Si Ma Cai people.

The ingredients for the cake are flour or cornstarch. If the cake is made from flour, the cake will be white, if it is made from corn flour, the cake will be yellow. The cake is served with pickle juice and spices with chili sauce, bean curd, and coriander. On hot summer days, it is great to enjoy a bowl of molded cake of the highland people. Casters have a very good cooling and refreshing effect. Although simple, it is a typical dish in the cuisine of Si Ma Cai valley near Sapa Vietnam.

Day by day, Si Ma Cai is twisting and developing. But the unique cultural features and unique cuisine are always preserved and preserved. The famous specialties of Si Ma Cai valley always attract visitors, visitors not only want to enjoy once but also want to enjoy the second and third times. Those specialties as well as the people of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam are simple and rustic but always have a strange attraction to diners.

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