Dragonfly wings of the past

Early in the morning, when I was still lying in bed dreaming in Tho Ha ancient village, suddenly I heard the sound of wings flapping towards the door, softly but continuously. I quickly woke up… It turned out to be a dragonfly wing. Last night it rained, we must have run away to find shelter under the light of the electric lights, so we got lost in the house. Now his uncle is facing the light outside through the glass door. I quickly opened the door. Dragonfly wings flew out, immediately merging with friends and brothers who were scurrying on the green space outside the yard, where the sky was high and wide, fresh in the morning. I stared blankly at the flying dragonflies. I don’t know how long it’s been since I watched the delicate wings of dragonflies fly and perch.

At that time in Tho Ha ancient village, I would sneak around every noon to wait for my parents to sleep so I could go out and hang out with my friends. We invited each other to take a bath in the big pond at the end of the village, where many dragonflies reside. At noon, dragonflies often come and perch on the shrubs that grow around the pond. Maybe they want to cool off just like us kids. That’s why I sometimes see a snake flying down the pond, dipping its tail in the water and then flying up to land on a tree. They seem to be as playful as children, chasing each other and flying around and then landing to watch us play.

The dragonflies gathered around the pond more than the children in the neighborhood. Whenever someone jumped into the pond, the water splashed and the dragonflies flew up. Flickering overhead, thin wings fanning the sun, splashing in the vast space. We’ll find and catch a big banana dragonfly, then those who can’t swim just undress, stick out their belly, stick out the dragonfly’s head. The molars of the dragonfly grinded for a painful, tearful bite. Then, believing that he would know how to swim, he jumped into the pond with all his might, pounding his feet, waving his arms for a few breaths, then… sank. When going ashore, they still believe that the dragonfly bite has not been hit, is not correct or not enough.

So there must also be a second and a third time to shed tears because of letting dragonflies bite their navel, hoping that I can swim, freely diving from one side of the pond to the other like friends, isn’t it? afraid, afraid to wade in shallow water around the shore. Maybe to make up for that strong belief, dragonflies have helped many children to swim through the bites. Growing up, I just discovered that, after being bitten by dragonflies, we jumped into the water again, waved our limbs, gradually learned to swim…

Even though I have grasped the “truth” now, I still want to tell my son: “Let the dragonfly bite the navel and you will know how to swim, baby”! I never wanted to cheat. But I want, later on, when I grow up, it will be a beautiful memory in my child’s childhood, and he will also smile when he remembers it. There are leisurely rural afternoons, and my friends and I invite each other to the river to catch dragonflies in Tho Ha ancient village. There, dragonflies come back a lot, they fly all over the mudflats, next to the flower beds or the corn beds.

We compete to see who can catch the most dragonflies. Some people use nets to catch them like butterflies, others just need their bare hands. Wait for a dragonfly to land, then circle behind it and then gently and gingerly bring two fingers to clamp it on its tail. He struggled and flapped his wings for a while, but could not help but stay in the prepared paper box or ball bag, waiting for the competition to take place in the cheers of the children. Dragonflies are of many types. The largest is the banana dragonfly, also known as the dragonfly. They are healthy, the flight path is always buzzing. They are very alert so they are often difficult to catch. Whoever owns only one dragonfly can win over those who catch dozens of other dragonflies, will be named the dragonfly leader.

The damselflies were the smallest, their wings so fragile that they seemed to tremble all the time. The dragonfly is black, from the body to the thin wings. The chilli dragonfly is eye-catching with its red body like the color of a chili. The dragonfly is as beautiful as a pretty girl with many colors on its wings… The white dragonflies are also very difficult to catch because they are very cunning, often perching on tall branches or in overhanging trees. River bank. With just a small sound, they flew away somewhere. At the end of the chase, everyone must have in hand more than a dozen dragonflies of all kinds, all colors of blue, red, black, white, yellow… Sometimes in Tho Ha ancient village, the rain suddenly came, and we all forgot about the game. dragonfly catching contest, leaving the dragonflies with half their wings cut off, crawling on some bushes, raising bewildered eyes, regretfully looking at the flying flood that is the ground.

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