Dragon fruit tree in front of the house

Thien’s peaceful homeland is the land on a sunny and windy summer day in Tho Ha ancient village, the bare-headed children row the boat to the water spinach pond in front of the house to pick up snails. The tops of vegetables are still green, sometimes the body is red and pink by layers of snail eggs, then drop down to grab it, maybe a few snails are clinging. Grandma’s house is small, but the yard is very large. It has become sticky every weekend, children and grandchildren often gather, when pouring pancakes, when cooking vermicelli and then eating together. It’s always big pots or lots of cake trays full because Thien’s house is full of people.

But those are the weekends. On weekdays, all is quiet. The large yard where the small house was located was only for the grandmother because he died of an illness when the youngest uncle was very young. She raised eight adult children alone, then married them all. Everyone has their own family in Tho Ha ancient village, busy with their livelihood and joys and sorrows with their small family. As for Thien, because Thien’s mother got married far away, in the summer, she often sent Thien back to her grandmother’s house to conveniently go to work, also for Thien to both have a vacation and have fun with her grandmother, so Thien was most attached to her grandmother. On hot nights, my grandmother used to take a bamboo cot and then the two of them went to the front yard next to the towering dragon fruit tree to sit and enjoy the cool breeze. That tree is very strange, each time it shows exactly one fruit, it ripens very quickly, when it turns pink and grows big, Thien often asks her grandmother to pick it up and eat it.

At that time, Thien did not understand much of what her grandmother said, only listened to her, then looked up and thought about the lonely dragon fruit. When Thien grew up a little, and when his grandmother got weaker in Tho Ha ancient village, Thien began to realize that he didn’t know when there were conflicts in the house, at first it was whispers in the kitchen or in the corner of the yard. , then into public quarrels. Mainly revolves around wanting to sell the land that grandma is living in. Uncle Hai wants the yard, Aunt Ba won the small house land… and so on, so many things came out.

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