Don’t go, don’t know Bac Ha

Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam has many places to admire the unspoiled natural beauty, majestic mountains and forests. The forest of crushed wood and mussel wood in Coc Ly is one of them. Here, hundreds of large and small trees soar as far as the eye can see, especially the thousand-year-old “grandfather”, 12 people can’t hug. Right in the center of town, Hoang A Tuong’s palace is more than 100 years old, but still preserved intact. This mansion was once considered the most powerful house in the Bac Ha plateau during the French colonial rule.

According to the elderly, in order to choose land to build a mansion, Hoang Yen Chao invited geography teachers to see the location, the world, the direction of the land… throughout Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam. After that, a tortoise-shaped mound was selected, with the back leaning against the mountain, in front of the view overlooking the stream flowing into Na Co lake, which is the location of the palace today. With a higher land position around, this was also a place that was difficult to attack and easy to defend in the period when weapons were still rudimentary. Mr. Hoang Yen Tchao invited a French consultant and a Chinese architect to design the project, so when Hoang A Tuong’s mansion was built, it mixed architecture between the East and the West very nicely…

“The landscape of Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam has been a highlight, the terrain is sloping enough for them to go to places like Ta Van Chu, Lau Thi Ngai; Thai Giang Pho, Ban Lien or go to Ha Giang without being overwhelmed. While in this place, the culture, home habits, and dress styles of local people are still preserved until now,” said Ms. Cao Huong, owner of La Beauté Bac Ha homestay. In addition to tourist attractions such as Bac Ha Temple, Bac Ha Fort, visitors can go to the village to pick tea, catch stream fish and experience agricultural models associated with tourism development in strawberry and cinnamon growing areas. Visiting the ancient tea garden of Hoang Thu Pho, riding a racing horse, watching the sunset, welcoming the sunrise on the most poetic mountain top in Bac Ha district…

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