Do Thich

Do Thich was an official of the Dinh Dynasty. He is recorded in Vietnamese political history as the person who assassinated King Dinh Tien Hoang and King Dinh Lien of Nam Viet, leading to the end of the Dinh Dynasty, the beginning of the Former Le Dynasty, as well as providing a pretext for the invasion of Dai Nam. The failed Co Viet of the Song Dynasty. The reason why Do Thich killed the king, historical documents in feudal times are all written when Do Thich was still working in Dong Quan, lying on the bridge at night, suddenly saw a star falling into his mouth, from which he had the intention to kill the king. However, after King Dinh Tien Hoang and Nam Viet King Dinh Lien were murdered in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the courtiers were searching for the king’s killer. Do Thich had to climb up and lie in the water trough in the palace for three days without hunger. When it rained, Do Thich reached out his hand to catch water and drank, the palace maid saw it and went to report it. Dinh Quoc Cong Nguyen Bac sent someone to arrest him and cut him off. According to scholar Dao Duy Anh, when he captured Do Thich, Nguyen Bac ordered him to be slashed, then smashed bones and cut meat to distribute to the people, forcing them to eat in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh

After Do Thich died, the courtiers established the 6-year-old Ve Vuong Dinh Toan to the throne, known as Dinh De Toan in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. However, the court fell into a power struggle between the Ten Commandments of General Le Hoan and other great ministers Nguyen Bac, Dinh Dien, and Pham Hap. Finally, with the support of Pham Cu Luong and the Empress Dowager, Le Hoan won the victory, killing both Nguyen Bac, Dinh Dien, Pham Hap, and soon established himself as king, called Dai Hanh emperor, ushered in the dynasty that later became known as the Tien Le Dynasty.

Neither the History of the Dai Viet nor the Dai Viet History of the Toan Thu have recorded anything about Do Thich’s background. Particularly in the book Kham Dinh Viet su Thong cac cuong, compiled in the Nguyen dynasty, there is an uncle based on the wild record that Do Thich was a Dai De, Thien Ban district (now in Dai An commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province). The book Dai Viet history summary is written as “Phuc Hau Hoang Do Thich”, while Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu and Kham Dinh Viet Su Thong Giam Cuong Muc are written as “Chi later Do Thich”. According to researchers, Do Thich may have been a eunuch or a guard serving in the palace. The book Dai Viet History and Dai Viet History Toan Thu both record the appearance of an oracle predicting that Do Thich would kill the king in the 5th year of Thai Binh. However, recently, some historians have put forward a hypothesis. theory: Do Thich was not the killer of the king. According to teacher Hoang Dao Thuy and some current researchers, Do Thich cannot do this. Thich is just an eunuch, a small, humble position, with no prestige or wings. Compared to Thich, in the court, there were friends of King Dinh such as Nguyen Bac, Dinh Dien, Luu Co… all held great authority, both in literature and in martial arts. Therefore, he could not dream of subduing the great ministers of the Dinh Dynasty to sit on the throne.

In the book “Agricultural extension policy under Minh Mang”. Culture and Information Publishing House, Hanoi 1996, pages 33 and 34 read: “The ancient historians simplified this incident: it was only by a vain dream that Do Thich became a murderer. Behind the scenes, Do Thich became a murderer. Is there anyone left by Do Thich? Why did the Song army intervene when Le Hoan stepped in?” Also according to pages 57 and 58 of the above book: “Le Hoan won the regent position and together with his subordinates plotted to usurp the throne. If there were no merits against the Song in the year of Tan Ty (981), Le Hoan would have committed a crime of disloyalty and history. the suspicion remains.” The Do family genealogy in Dai De, Vu Ban district and the legend of Thao Ma temple (ie Gao temple in Thanh Binh commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam) mention that Do Thich had the merit of carrying Dinh Tien Hoang to escape when he was kidnapped. Nam Tan Vuong chased. The first historical record mentioning the theory that “Le Hoan plotted to kill Dinh Bo Linh” was the record of Tham Quat in Mong Khe pen-tham written in 1093 – 400 to 600 years earlier than the Complete Book. This history records as follows: “Earthman Le Uy killed the independent Lien”. Le Uy means Le Hoan

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