Distinctive identity in Bac Ha

The most interesting experience in Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam is probably going through the villages and staying at different homestays every night. Each ethnic group has its own way of welcoming guests, dishes and cultural performances. In the Tay village, there is a homestay in Thang Can, Ha Thong; In the Hmong village, there are establishments of Hoang Seo Cho, Ly Van So….

The homestay of the Mong people is modernized and welcomes guests more professionally, while the homestay of the Tay is still pristine and most of the guests and owners live in the same house on stilts. With the support of a number of organizations such as CRED, GREAT…; these homestays are slightly adjusted to accommodate tourists. People are more aware of moving barns, keeping houses clean and food hygiene and safety. In addition, they are also trained in cooking skills for different guests, reception skills and English. Beds, mattresses, curtains, pillows, toilets or everything necessary to welcome guests are well-invested.

In the evening, in the Mong village near Sapa Vietnam, there are often performances of Khen dance, Senh Tien dance, and in Tay village, there is a Tay Xoe dance with the sound of the Tinh lute. Dinner at the village is also quite special. In addition to wild vegetables, chicken, stream fish, black pig … in the dinner in Tay village, there is often “khau hang” – a unique type of sticky rice. In the Mong village of Bac Ha, there must be a bottle of Ban Pho glazed corn wine. Hong mi is a plant grown along the upland and field banks, sowing seeds from March to September will be harvested. Ms. Vang Thi Chu told us that pink mi yeast wine can only be made by Ban Pho people. Using this yeast, it produces a very strange and fragrant wine that no other wine has. Her house often welcomes visitors to buy wine and learn about wine making and yeast.

Visitors to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam can visit and experience many other traditional crafts such as making nuggets, knitting, picking tea, making black banh chung, banh day… The palm leaf hat here is unlike anywhere else, because The hat uses the whole leaf, is folded and sewn extremely skillfully. Com in Bac Ha is also different, because it uses green sticky rice, it is flexible. Uncle Lam Van Ngan, 52 years old, from Na Lo village said, this sticky rice variety has been used for so long that I don’t know what the name of this sticky rice variety is. The profession of making nuggets is also very ancient, since Uncle was young and was taught by his grandparents. In 1992 and 1993, people only worked to eat, later tried to sell at the market, then they could work more. “The house’s nuggets can’t be preserved for long, only about 24 hours. But don’t worry because in the morning when you bring it to the market to sell it, it will only sell out in the morning.” – Uncle Ngan said. My house has also become a homestay since 4 years ago. The guests above, the owners below, learn to make nuggets and cook for them by themselves in the style of “how we eat at home, the guests eat like that!”

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