Discovering Cat Cat Village – The Most Beautiful And Famous Village in Sapa

Cat Cat village is a village of H’Mong ethnic group in Hoang Lien commune, Sapa Vietnam. Currently, Cat Cat village is a very famous Sapa tourist area. Visiting this village, tourists are not only fascinated with the peaceful and beautiful natural scenery, but also have the opportunity to learn about the unique culture of the local ethnic people. If you wonder when is the ideal time to travel to Cat Cat Village in particular, or Sapa Vietnam in general, the answer is year-round. It has a mild and pleasant climate, each season has its own unique scenery, so you can visit at any time of the year.

Cat Cat village is located about 3 km from the center of Sapa town, so from Sapa Vietnam you can move to the village very easily by means of transport such as: Rent a motorbike, motorbike taxi or take a tram. Some tourists also choose to walk to be able to freely admire the beautiful natural scenery of Sapa along the way. Like many other mountainous ethnic villages, Cat Cat village has simple and rustic stilt houses with mostly wooden materials, built according to the typical traditional architecture of the H’Mong bronze. This is what attracts tourists from far away when they have the opportunity to come here.

In the village is a majestic waterfall, the water flows smoothly, rolling white foam day and night, adorning this village more poetic and impressive. This is also a familiar virtual living spot for many tourists. Sapa Vietnam is home to many H’Mong people, so come here, don’t miss the opportunity to try on colorful Sapa costumes. With these beautiful and gorgeous ethnic costumes, you can freely relax, check-in and bring back a good photo album after visiting Cat Cat village.

Cat Cat village not only captivates visitors by its peaceful, poetic and charming scenery, but also is home to many attractive local dishes. Having traveled to Sapa Vietnam, visiting Cat Cat village, do not forget to enjoy the following delicacies: Kitchen buffalo meat: One of the most famous specialties of Cat Cat village that any visitor wants to enjoy. wake up and bring back as a gift that is buffalo meat guarding the kitchen. Fresh buffalo meat is skillfully marinated by locals, then hung in the kitchen for a long time. The smell of smoke braided from the meat fibers creates a dish with a particularly delicious taste. Corn wine: Corn wine in Cat Cat village is cooked by traditional methods with typical yeasts of the H’Mong ethnic group.

Fruits: Cat Cat village is home to many kinds of fruits. Therefore, tourists traveling to Sapa in any season of the year have the opportunity to enjoy delicious and attractive fruits such as: plums, peaches, pears, apples, … In addition, there are many delicious dishes mentioned in the name have been craving such as: grilled forest meat, five-color sticky rice, thang co, chestnut cake, men men, lam rice, … These are all dishes that are loved by many tourists. Don’t miss it in your upcoming Sapa Vietnam trip.

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