Discover tourism in the Northeast of Muong Khuong

From Lao Cai city along Highway 4D visitors can come to Muong Khuong district near Sapa Vietnam. This place has rich natural resources such as: majestic, pristine landscape, high mountainous terrain, divided creating many sub-climatic zones that help Muong Khuong highland suitable for developing resort tourism, mountain climbing. . Muong Khuong also has 16 caves in 15 communes and towns, of which Ham Rong cave, Na Mang cave, Nam Ooc cave are large caves. pristine. Ta Thang ancient Shan Tuyet tea forest, Lung Vai tea area, Thanh Binh tea area, Muong Khuong tangerine area or Ban Lau pineapple area are suitable places to visit agricultural tourism, eco-tourism, experience… life of 14 ethnic groups, creating the space of original folk traditions with the ancient villages of the Nung, Mong, Pa Di, Bo Y…; along with many festivals taking place all year round such as Gau Tao Festival, Forest Banning Ceremony, Victory Celebration…;

Especially, traditional fairs with characteristics of ethnic groups, spread from lowland to highland areas of the district such as Thanh Binh, Lung Khau Nhin or Cao Son, Pha Long markets near Sapa Vietnam have been sought by many domestic and foreign tourists. to experience. Suggestions for you the tourist attractions to choose when traveling in Muong Khuong: Community eco-tourism site associated with Na Ri Lake, Na Pha village, Ban Sen commune; Ho Tao Giang community eco-tourism site; Ta Lam waterfall tourist attraction associated with Hang km 2; Sang Chai’s model temple is associated with the fortress mountain; Ham Rong tourist attraction (including caves, Ham Rong waterfall);

Central market of the district; Nam Ooc Cave, near Sapa Vietnam Nam Lu Commune; Community ecological village in Vang Leng village; Craft village tourist spot – Ngai Phong Cho cultural village, Cao Son commune; Cultural village tourist spot Tin Thang village – La Pan Tan commune; The ancient tea hill tourist spot in Ta Thang commune is associated with the tea processing workshop; Na Mang cave tourist attraction associated with Sin Pao Chai cultural village, Pha Long commune; …

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