Discover an original Sapa in Ta Van

The beauty of Sapa Vietnam does not stop at famous and familiar destinations. A peaceful and sincere Ta Van will definitely be a new place of discovery for travel followers. When going deeper to the villages here, visitors will find themselves back to nature, plants, with a peaceful, deserted and extremely poetic Sa Pa. Unlike Cat Cat village, Ta Van village is located about 12 km from the center of Sapa town, so it is still wild and has a bold lifestyle of the mountainous ethnic people. When coming here, visitors will surely have interesting experiences, being immersed in the idyllic life of ethnic minorities.

Ta Van village is home to the Mong people for a long time, in addition, there are also the Red Dao and Giay people. Here, visitors will admire the true beauty of the Muong Hoa valley, as well as enjoy the delicious mountain food. Referring to the outstanding scenery of Ta Van village in Sapa Vietnam, it would be remiss to ignore the terraced fields. The terraced fields by the hands of many years of labor of the ethnic people meander on the hillsides, mountain slopes, spreading out as far as the eye can see without stopping. Terraced fields and mountain scenery Duplicate young, green with one color gives you a majestic natural scenery.

Standing here, in the midst of the vast sky and earth, breathing in the fresh, pristine air of the mountainous region, you will feel like you have returned to a wild, primitive place, without the destruction of the earth. industrial, without the hustle and bustle of the city. Coming to Sapa village, visitors will admire the beautiful natural picture of the Northwest mountains, be immersed in the murmuring stream, the sound of wild birds, and discover the idyllic beauty. , rustic of the village scene here. Ta Van village in Sapa Vietnam is facing the magnificent Muong Hoa stream, leaning against the mountain, the houses here, according to the custom left by their ancestors, all face the northeast to avoid going down the stream and not facing the face. house in the mountain.

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