Developing tourism associated with traditional crafts in Ta Phin Sapa Vietnam

Ta Phin commune is implementing a rural tourism development model associated with preserving and promoting traditional cultural craft villages in a sustainable, inclusive and multi-valued manner. This is a pilot model of Sapa Vietnam in implementing new rural construction associated with rural tourism development. Ta Phin is one of the first community tourism villages in Sapa town, not only famous for its scenery, pristine nature, majestic mountains, but also preserves its rich customs and culture. national identity. Coming to Ta Phin, visitors can experience traditional handicrafts of the people such as participating in picking medicinal leaves and preparing bath medicines, learning how to use herbs; Visit and learn how to make brocade fabric, embroider patterns according to the traditional process of the Dao and Mong ethnic groups or directly learn and practice the processes of forging, weaving flax, making beeswax printing models on brocade of the people Buttocks, stretching buffalo skins to make drums of the Dao people

To improve the quality of tourism in Ta Phin in particular and communes and wards in general, Sapa Vietnam is implementing many solutions, which focus on linking products tourism products to create quality highlights, forming competitive and attractive products for tourists. Accommodation facilities, eco-tourism areas, and experiences are linked with establishments that produce products from traditional crafts so that visitors can be introduced, known, and have the opportunity to experience. The tourist village will become an “ecosystem” with the participation of many “links” from individual establishments. With this approach, people not only have income from tourism activities but also develop the consumption of products from traditional crafts (bath medicine, brocade, bamboo and rattan crafts, buffalo skin drums). , cow). Besides, promoting the consumption of traditional handicraft products also contributes to preserving the unique cultural identity of the local ethnic community. Coming to Ta Phin, it is not difficult for visitors to see images of Dao and Mong women sitting in groups, holding in their hands bundles of spun flax or brocade sheets dyed indigo to embroider patterns. Brocade products or brocade embroidery experiences are also interesting tourist products of this locality. In Ta Phin, 2 groups with similar interests in sewing and embroidery were established with the participation of more than 100 local women.

Women in groups often share embroidery patterns, innovate products, and motifs to better suit tourists. Most brocade products such as traditional costumes are very difficult to sell and can only be sold to local people, so instead of just embroidering shirts and dresses like before, we embroider scarves, bags, hats, and straps. brocade hand and key chains for sale to tourists. Similarly, the bath medicine products of the Red Dao people in Ta Phin commune do not stop at the experience of picking and bathing medicinal leaves at resorts and accommodation establishments like before. Now, visitors can easily find packaged bath medicines, bottled concentrated bath medicines, herbal extracts… “improved” with many designs, convenient for tourists to buy and transport later. every trip. Traditional crafts in Ta Phin are now one of the unique tourism products, attracting many tourists to experience. For that reason, developing craft village tourism is one of the important solutions to promote economic growth, enrich tourism products and preserve ethnic cultures. In fact, products from craft Traditionally, it still develops alone, between tourism establishments (accommodation, experience) and traditional profession establishments, there is no connection, so the available potentials have not been promoted. Currently, Sapa Vietnam is focusing on integrating existing tourism products, highlighting the characteristics of Ta Phin tourism, including craft villages such as medicinal baths, Red Dao products, agricultural products and intangible cultural products of the Dao people. This is also a model for developing tourism in rural areas, aiming to preserve and promote traditional cultural craft villages.

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