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Van An – a girl from Ben Tre had to say: “If you are a Vietnamese child, you must definitely come to Trang An near Tam Coc Ninh Binh once in your life”. Not far from the capital, about 100km, Trang An is blessed with a unique natural beauty that is hard to see in the city. Arriving in Trang An, after walking around the scenic complex, to admire the green, cool and fresh natural scenery, visitors can buy tickets to go on a sightseeing boat and visit the caves. This will be a journey on a rowing boat that takes visitors to experience famous landscapes with majestic mountains, mysterious caves and temples, pagodas, shrines and temples in Trang An.

Van An shared: “After experiencing Trang An in the early spring, Trang An changed my mind. I feel that I need to go more to go to beautiful places in Vietnam.” Coming to Trang An, near Tam Coc Ninh Binh what impresses Van An and many tourists is that the boatmen here are all indigenous people who are knowledgeable about history, nature, scenery and also become special tour guides. “Admiring the scenery with my own eyes and the stories told by the boatman himself along the trip, I told myself that I would definitely return one day soon with my loved ones,” Van An said.

For My Ngoc (Dong Thap hometown) to talk about Trang An are near Tam Coc Ninh Binh 2 words “great”. As a child of the West, such majestic mountain scenery has only been seen on TV, books and newspapers before, which surprised her. “I feel very overwhelmed with the magnificence of creation, of nature, of the country. This is definitely a memorable experience for me”, My Ngoc shared. “The majestic beauty of the mountains, rivers, sea and sky, even though we have seen it before on television and the radio, cannot fully describe it. I have witnessed, felt and experienced it with my own eyes and am still overwhelmed and extremely proud of this S-shaped country” – Cong Quoc expressed. With the chilly air in the early spring days and the combination of majestic nature, the harmony of the fresh water and the peaceful green moss carpet of Tra An enchanted many tourists at the bottom of the river.

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