Days and months of love

Suddenly remembering the days of May, the heart is as busy as a baby bird about to spread its wings to Tho Ha ancient village. That was the day when we children began to say goodbye to the summer afternoons playing hide and seek, going together to catch grasshoppers to prepare for going back to school. When I accidentally saw Bang Lang’s wings open, my heart fluttered. Happiness shines on each angel’s face on the first day of school. Everyone was joking, talking and laughing like they had never talked. The ones who play the most tricks also look at their friends and teachers with steady eyes.

On the first day of this month, the people of Tho Ha ancient village eagerly await the festival even more than the Lunar New Year. Because every year, the festival takes place quite excitingly, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists in the province. Many families plan months or even a year in advance to celebrate. My house is no exception. A few months before the holiday, the youngest aunt often calls and instructs her children and grandchildren to arrange work to go to the family to see the festival. Just hearing my aunt’s voice, I can imagine a part of the atmosphere of the reunion day.

This year, the festival promises to bring excitement to the people of my hometown after a hiatus. My sister was born this month. Every year on this occasion, I look forward to her birthday. My sister is like many other women on this central strip of land. While taking care of her family all day, she never paid attention to her birthday. Every time I come back to visit, sometimes I see her working in the field to grow vegetables, sometimes cutting bananas for chickens, sometimes hanging out in the kitchen cooking for two children. Looking at that small, pale figure many times I wondered how she was able to take care of everything. Because in addition to taking care of her family, she is also a health worker at a health station in the district. Her work is busy and stressful, especially during flu and dengue epidemics. The medical profession is so hard, but she has never complained about anything. I know your birthday this year is probably the same as every other year. If you don’t remind, don’t “play the game”, she will let it pass like normal days of the year. She quietly walked through the days, quietly doing everything in the most thoughtful and enthusiastic way without asking or expecting anything.

When the leaves began to turn yellow and fall on the doorstep of Tho Ha ancient village I knew the first day of school was approaching. I am about to see my dear students and colleagues again after the summer vacation with my family. Memories of those days floated like a boat in my heart. The new month begins with a few drops of rain. And maybe rain is the source of love.

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