Dau Nhuan Waterfall is attractive in autumn

Each season of the year, Dau Nhuan waterfall one of the 10 most beautiful waterfalls near Sapa Vietnam has its own beauty. Conquering the falls in autumn, visitors cannot help but be moved by the majestic natural scenery and poetic features here… Suoi Nhuan originates from Hoang Lien mountains and forests. On the stream, there are many beautiful and pristine waterfalls. In particular, the stream flowing through Phu Nhuan commune (Bao Thang district) is favored by nature with a waterfall with 3 consecutive layers of water, that is Dau Nhuan waterfall.

All 3 floors of the waterfall always have water flowing all year round. The attractive feature of Dau Nhuan waterfall near Sapa Vietnam is the wildness. Conquering the falls in autumn, visitors can admire the majestic mountain scenery in the serenity of the Red Dao ethnic minority villages living along Nhuan stream; through the overlapping tea hills; palm forests, streams, forests with fragrant flowers, strange grass, flying birds, butterflies. The poetic features of autumn follow the footsteps of tourists all the way… However, the way to the top of the waterfall is still difficult. That is a big obstacle for tourists who want to visit this beautiful waterfall and almost only the “explorers” who love to explore come here.

It is known that Bao Thang district near Sapa Vietnam has developed a plan to exploit the tourism potential of Dau Nhuan waterfall under the Project “Tourism development of Bao Thang district in the period 2015 – 2020” with a series of solutions, including planning 200 hectares of ecological forest in the area of Dau Nhuan waterfall and promoting the improvement of the traffic system leading to the waterfall. Dau Nhuan Waterfall has also been included in the province’s tourism development planning. “Heavenly time, favorable location, human harmony”, which is an ideal opportunity for “destination” investors to exploit the tourism potential of this area.

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