Customs of Giay people

Visiting the Giay family in Lao Cai near Sapa Vietnam or Van Ban city, visitors also have the opportunity to learn the unique features of the Giay family’s cultural tradition of marriage. According to custom, the highest position in the family is the husband, the father, the children take the father’s surname. Regarding marriage, the groom’s family takes the initiative in getting married. In the past, Giay people also had the custom of pulling their wives, that is when the girl and her family agreed, but the boy’s family was too poor to have enough money to organize a wedding, the boy would have to organize to drag his wife. Wedding customs of the Giay have many procedures such as: Face-to-face ceremony, house viewing; release the matchmaking, challenge the wedding, the ceremony of “speech words”, the wedding ceremony, the face-to-face ceremony.

Besides, the customs of the Giay people also have their own regulations: Pregnant women must abstain and pray for a convenient birth. When the baby is full month, he has to announce to the ancestors and ask for help. The child’s name and date of birth are written on a red cloth by the shaman and will be used to compare the age when considering marriage, building a house or funeral. Visiting Giay family, learning about festivals, customs, marriage, family, tourists must stay with Giay family for one night – especially in families that have participated in the development of this type of tourism. The homestay calendar to learn more about the houses and traditional costumes of the Giay people also has its own distinctive features. Giay people in Lao Cai (Sapa Vietnam) live in houses and land.

The nave in the house is a solemn place used as a place of worship, the family lives in the adjacent compartments, the kitchen also has its own kitchen. Traditional costumes of Giay people have differences between men and women. Men’s clothing with split-breasted blouses, round neck, standing, fabric buttons. Shirts usually have three pockets, two bottom pockets and one right pocket. Body slightly short, indigo color. Men’s pants are straight-leg pants, about 30-40 cm wide, with a large waist, not using a drawstring, but only worn on the body. Popular women’s clothing is a short sleeveless shirt. This is a short shirt that covers the buttocks, slit right armpit, wide sleeves. The collar has a slit from the left shoulder to the right, with different trim and trim and often contrasts with the base color of the shirt. In addition to the outer dress, Giay women near Sapa Vietnam also have an inner shirt. It’s a short sleeve shirt, slit chest, low round neck and has two bottom pockets. The shirt with split armpit, buttoned fabric is carefully braided, worn outside is the most impressive impression of Giay women with eye-catching beauty. Giay women also often wear scarves, wrapped in different styles, with silver necklaces around their necks

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