Cultural sediments in the ancient village of Tho Ha

The village’s land is in the place where the Cau River winds its pockets, it is the mouth of the Ngu Huyen River that pours water in, bordering the river on three sides, and a lake and lagoon behind. According to the theory of feng shui, the village is in a prime position that folk experience shows the image of “sticking out the tip of the head, no one is on its own, if it doesn’t, then no one”.

Pottery in Tho Ha appeared around the end of the 14th century and developed continuously for many centuries after that. Tho Ha became one of the few famous pottery villages of Kinh Bac in the past. According to many studies, the first class of immigrants to settle here was the one who brought pottery to this village. There are not many traces of oil on the pottery village in Tho Ha today, but can still be seen through the architectural works made of ceramic materials in the village.

According to local people, in the past, because of the development of pottery, it was a riverside village, the village often had thieves and robbers from other places. In addition to organizing patrol teams to protect the village, Tho Ha ancient village advocates making very small and long alleys, just for two people to avoid each other. Whenever there is a thief or robber, the defense and capture is easy.

When the pottery industry developed, Tho Ha had many conditions to organize village planning and build spiritual works and community works with high artistic value. The communal house and pagoda of Tho Ha ancient village was born in the second half of the sixteenth century and restored at the end of the seventeenth century as an example. It affirms that Tho Ha cultural values ​​are developed on the basis of a stable and prosperous economy. The Tho Ha cultural sediments were recognized by King Tu Duc (Nguyen Dynasty) and bestowed with the word My Tuc Kha Phong (where there are good customs). Currently, this signboard is still hanging solemnly in the village communal house.

Carrying cultural sediments, Tho Ha ancient village has become an attractive research-discovery destination for domestic and international tourists. Anyone who comes here can not help but be surprised and admiring.

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