Cultural colors

Sapa Vietnam, where the sound of the trumpet calls to a mate, where the clouds are covered by the top of Fansipan, where Ham Rong rises in the distant mountains. With thousands of blooming flowers, orchids, azaleas, and apricots. Everything is like a symphony resounding in the feeling of ecstasy. The sound of the H’Mong boys not only calling their friends and inviting each other to Sapa love market every Saturday night in the church yard in the middle of town, but also captivated many tourists from all over the world.

The tune is like a whisper, as well as an invitation to the circle of people to keep getting more, more and more. From the streets, boys and girls follow the sound of the trumpet to gather to make the love market more crowded. Is there anything better than being in the cold, sitting by the flickering fire enjoying grilled corn, grilled eggs… and letting go of your soul to the melodious sound of the couple’s love songs “Echoing the boy’s trumpet in the market, see you soon, see you soon?” Why are you so happy, what do you say, let us sit together tonight.”

Therefore, Sapa Vietnam is not only attractive because of the scenery but also because of the strangeness, the richness and the liberated being of the indigenous people. It is the diversity of ethnic groups here that create rich cultural colors such as the mixing of colors or the weaving lines of the people here. Sapa Vietnam is home to many ethnic groups such as H’Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, Kinh and Hoa. Ethnic minorities in Sapa all have cultural festivals with their own characteristics: Roong Poc festival of the Giay, Sai San (mountain biking) festival of the H’Mong, New Year’s Eve of the Dao… mostly They all take place in the month of Tet every year.

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