Country soul in Tho Ha cuisine

Located 48km from the center of Hanoi, Tho Ha Ancient Village still retains its rustic and simple beauty with the customs and practices of an ancient Vietnamese village. Not only attractive by the relics and traditional village scenery, visitors are also impressed with the traditional occupations that the families here are trying to preserve over the years.

Mr. Trinh Dac Mui’s family in hamlet 4 still tries to keep the family’s traditional rice paper-making profession. From the village road turning into a small alley, visitors can’t help but be surprised at the pure Vietnamese space that seems to only be seen in movies. This seven-story, two-story wooden house with a mossy tiled roof dating back hundreds of years is home to 11 successive generations. Not only keeping the old house intact, he proudly shared: “My family produces from 250 kg to 300 kg of rice every day to supply agents and tourists. In order to have delicious batches of rice paper, it is necessary to have quality ingredients first, then favorable weather conditions and accumulated know-how.

Tho Ha Ancient Village rice paper rolls are rustic and simple, but contain a lot of love and energy of the people and become a precious gift of the countryside on the north bank of Cau River. Children who are far away from home and tourists from far away every time they have the opportunity to return to the village choose this famous gift to use and give to their loved ones. Tho Ha Ancient Village is proud that the products become an indispensable ingredient for connoisseurs of chefs to skilled housewives.

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