Country market on Tet holiday in Tho Ha ancient village

Although today’s life has changed a lot, the Tet countryside markets in Tho Ha ancient village still bring a lot of cultural values ​​and feelings for the homeland. Tho Ha countryside market has deeply rooted in each person’s soul every New Year. The Tet market in Tho Ha ancient village is also an opportunity to remind the young generation to look back to their roots with good traditional culture.

It is also a place to buy and sell goods, but the country market, especially at the Tet market in Tho Ha ancient village, always has its own characteristics that are different from the markets in cities and towns. This is also a place to keep traditional culture, where people can clearly feel the atmosphere of a new spring coming.

The reason why many people like to go to the countryside market in Tho Ha ancient village is going to the country market on Tet holiday is very bustling, cheerful, like going to a festival. The countryside market is a place of attachment and the memory of many children far from home.

In Tho Ha countryside market, there is the hard work of the mother, the father when trying to trade to buy new shoes and clothes for the children. Going to the countryside market on Tet holiday, we will feel the familiar taste of the village, being immersed in the bustling atmosphere with the sound of spring. Tho Ha people who go to the market not only go to the market or shopping for Tet, but also enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the days before Tet. People are excited to shop to prepare to welcome the New Year.

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