Country alley

I’m sure, in everyone’s childhood memories, everyone has a peaceful little garden filled with birdsong every morning, a terrace, a mossy corner of the yard filled with laughter and games. every afternoon. Everyone has a familiar alley to go home early in the morning…

I also have a rural alley like that in Tho Ha ancient village. It was a beautiful little alley with rows of tall areca trees he planted in the past, and rows of low tea trees that he pruned once or twice a month. The stone paved alley has been green and mossy, peaceful over the years, stirring every step of the way late at night. The alley in front of the house encapsulates my whole childhood. In that place, next to a lovely house with a peaceful courtyard and garden corner, I grew up and spent the first years of my life with fond memories. The alley is as dear as an old friend…

I remember the joys filled the idyllic alley in Tho Ha ancient village. When I was a child, he often took me under the areca trees, in the golden afternoon sun, telling me good stories and life lessons. I remember the days when my father came back from work, brought scissors to the alley to trim the row of Chinese tea, I still followed him. There were afternoons when I waited for my mother to come back from the market, and my juniors and I went out to sit at the beginning of the alley, wishing that my mother would come back and give me a cake. That’s it, going through each day, I grew up quietly, in the love of my family, under the cozy thatched roof, by the familiar alley that made friends every day.

Just like the mossy green steps, the gray corner of the yard, the rain and the sun, the countryside alleys quietly witness each step of growth. Our first toddler steps go from the yard to the alley. The first step to the main road is also from the alley in front of the house. I remember when I entered kindergarten, on a clear and cool autumn morning, my mother took me through a small alley to go to the first day of school. I remember my heart fluttering with joy, on the small alley my feet fluttered. Perhaps at that time, the countryside was also happy. Because the countryside lane only lifts the first steps of our life. And the footsteps fly right by the long and wide roads…

This afternoon, I went back to visit my hometown, walked on the old alley, heard my heart strangely peaceful, heard my childhood rushing back to the middle of this place. Heard in the footsteps calling about the commotion, a memory of the time when barefoot running around the countryside in Tho Ha ancient village.

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