Con noi Kim Son

Kim Son is a coastal land with 18km of coastline near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Thanks to that, this place possesses a large and lively ecological area, covering an area of ​​over 105 thousand hectares, which is a convergence of diverse species of flora and fauna, including many rare and precious species. important part of the world’s atmospheric reserve. With ecosystems of special value, Kim Son district has 7 communes including: Kim Hai, Kim Trung, Kim Dong, Kim My, Kim Tan, Con Thoi, Binh Minh which have been recognized by UNESCO as a buffer zone and transitional zone by UNESCO. of the Red River Delta Biosphere Reserve.

Con Noi Kim Son is located about 8km from the coast of Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The area of Con Noi is more than 500 hectares, but with the pristine, clean and smooth sand, stretching has made the space here more spacious, larger and has a poetic beauty. In particular, Con Noi will be an ideal destination for those who love eco-tourism, sightseeing and learning about the natural world. Because this place is associated with the ecological chain of Kim Son sea, including: about 200 species of birds, including nearly 60 species of migratory birds, more than 50 species of water birds, many rare bird species recorded in the world red book. Thousands of hectares of mangrove forests, salt marshes, coastal mudflats and estuaries with more than 500 species of aquatic plants and animals and seagrasses.

Strolling on the clean and smooth golden sand of Con Noi, watching and learning about the activities of the natural world, listening to the breath of the peaceful sea, quietly watching the waves crash in the spacious space with fresh air will make people feel light and relaxed. Currently, Con Noi has become an indispensable destination for tourists when coming to Kim Son. In the future, Con Noi has the potential to become an ideal beach, one of the unique tourist destinations, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Therefore, coming to Ninh Binh, visitors can not only admire the overlapping mountains, vast forests or rivers bending in the middle of immense fields, but also discover a very unique beauty that cannot be harmonized. of the land of Kim Son sea full of sunshine and wind. Today, Phat Diem stone church, Con Noi Kim Son and Phat Diem tile bridge near Tam Coc Ninh Binh have become famous places near and far of this land. With favorable natural and social conditions, plus skillful hands and creative minds of people, Kim Son promises to be more and more beautiful and developed, attracting more visitors. the crossroads, following the epic of opening the land to pave the way for development from the ancestors of the people here.

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