Coming to Tho Ha ancient village, what do you visit?

Famous for its traditional craft of making rice paper rolls, rice noodles, pottery, Tho Ha ancient village is hidden behind the sounds of traffic and bustling streets. The village is located in Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. This place is considered a land of “the land of geniuses”, famous in the whole country for its pottery making and pure Vietnamese ancient architectural complex, bearing the imprint of the culture of the Northern Delta.

Tho Ha is currently a familiar and attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, those who study architecture and fine arts, and artists and artisans seeking inspiration.

The tour program of tourists in Tho Ha ancient village can be: sightseeing along Cau River, visiting village communal house, pagoda, village gate, Van Chi, watching ancient banyan trees, visiting some ancient houses in the village, seeing the beautiful hamlets with ancient beauty, visiting the pottery factory, visiting the families that produce rice paper rolls and rice noodles by machine and by hand, visiting the families making rice wine. When returning, visitors should buy a few hundred rice paper rolls, a few pounds of rice noodles, and a few liters of glutinous rice wine as gifts.

With the ancient beauty of ancient architectures and traditional crafts, Tho Ha ancient village is attracting many domestic and foreign tourists to come.

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