Come to Tho Ha communal house to admire the beauty of ancient architecture from the 16th century

If in Son Tay, there is Duong Lam ancient village, famous for the features of the famous ancient communal house in the North, in Bac Giang, there is a communal house dating from the 16th century named Tho Ha communal house with ancient beauty and marks, typical impression of a pure Vietnamese village with a very unique architectural, cultural and landscape complex. Let’s explore together with!

History of Tho Ha communal house

Referring to the history of Tho Ha communal house, the place is to worship the village Village god is Thai Thuong Lao Quan in Tho Ha village, Van Ha commune, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province. According to the stories about him repeated by the villagers, he was a northerner, lived in the reign of An Duong Vuong, surnamed Ly, named Dam. He had great merit in helping the villagers to kill the Xich Ty devil, opening schools, teaching in the village, improving people’s knowledge, bringing many new things to the villagers.

His merits were recognized by the villagers and he was crowned by the King as Thuong Dang god and Thanh Hoang Thai Thuong, allowing Tho Ha village to set up a temple to worship him on a large plot of land in the village. Therefore, the villagers honored him as the Emperor. This place contains spiritual space.

According to ancient architectural researchers, the communal house is like a shining flower in the land of Bac Giang. Until now, people must also be admired by the unique and distinctive features of the carving art and the uniqueness in the delicate decorative patterns under the talented hands.

The structure of the carved communal house is very complete when showing all the Vietnamese national cultural features on the space of wooden slats… The main architecture is to recreate the four spirits, the four precious animals, the stylized flowers and leaves, birds and people.

All temples have the Dragon mascot. Through talented artisans, the dragon has been made prominent as the themes of dragon nest, mother dragon carrying baby dragon, dragon and maiden. With architectural art bearing the architectural style of the sixteenth century – a century of the rise of the temple. Moreover, there are still nine ancient steles kept in the communal house, bringing many values to the history and culture of our nation. These are all worthful objects that show historical and time value.

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