Come to Tho Ha ancient village to see, to love, to feel the love of the Northern countryside

Tho Ha village – an ancient village with intact ancient features with communal houses, ancient wells and ancient banyan trees, typical of Northern villages. Relax to feel the rustic slow pace of life in the countryside – which is only about 30km from Hanoi. Because of its architectural beauty and tradition, Tho Ha ancient village will sometimes make you feel back in time as soon as you come for the first time.

Stepping through the village gate built more than 300 years ago with 4 square axes carved with many sophisticated motifs, all the noise and hustle of modern life seem to be left out there. Tho Ha ancient village appears as what people still imagine about the old northern village with communal houses, wells and ancient banyan trees. The rare red brick roads and old house gates are mixed with the built-in walls leading to the alleys of the village.

The village communal house is the most typical feature of the village. The communal house is a large communal house with the most beautiful and solemn architecture in the village. The village communal house worships the village lord, who has made a career in taking care of the people. On each festival occasion, the villagers hold a procession of a palanquin painted with gilded paint in the sound of drums, gongs, and resounding music, describing the legend and merits of the Citadel. The village festival procession always creates a sacred feeling of solidarity in the community. The village communal house witnessed the activities, habits and changes in the social life of the village.

For a long time, the pagoda has been closely associated with the spiritual life of the villagers. The pagoda is a place where villagers worship, cultivate themselves, cultivate virtue, and leave blessings to their children and grandchildren.

In the architectural space of the village, the well is always considered a spiritual place. Next to the well there is usually a shrine to worship the god. On the occasion of sacrifices and cults, villagers come here to set up a ceremony to pray for good luck and bring water from the well in the early morning to worship.

The image of Tho Ha ancient village has been deeply imprinted in the minds and hearts of many tourists. Come to Tho Ha ancient village to see, to love, to feel the love of the Northern countryside


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