Colors in ancient village of Tho Ha

Tho Ha has ancient colors. There are occupations that have been attached to people for many generations. Since the 90s of the last century, the village is famous for making rice paper rolls and rice noodles, although this place has absolutely no large fields. For generations, Tho Ha has been associated with river water, rice in small markets, and handicrafts. Even now, when I go to the village, I still see a potter. But the most fragrant pottery profession in Tho Ha ancient village also from decades ago.

Located by the river, surrounded by the color of the river. Tho Ha ancient village settles down with the shadows of boats on the river. Boats have become a popular means of transport, busy day by day. Villagers said, in the past, the village’s pottery moved along the rivers and went to different parts of our country, bringing incense, bringing flowers and ceramics to spread the country. The domain package is proudly sent back to the villagers after each long-distance shipment.

Pottery in the village is no longer as prosperous as it was then. But coming to Tho Ha ancient village to play, it is not difficult to find and buy ceramics for home decoration, as gifts for friends. After all, it is a profession that has made the village’s name for a while. Although not fragrant, it still lingers occasionally.Job holder. People who pack their jobs to save for their children and grandchildren in the house. In order to change life, people must not forget their traditional roots. Whether it is pottery in the past, or the famous rice paper today. Tho Ha is still the same, insisting on keeping the job so that the whole village works hard together, so that people remember this place in an unfading memory.

Come to Tho Ha ancient village to visit the craft village, visit the old mossy walls, visit the communal house with the quintessential carvings of the forefathers. The architectural masterpieces at Tho Ha communal house are not only the heritage of the village but also the cultural treasures of the country. Afternoon drifts gently, finding Tho Ha ancient village passionately and lounging in that cultural architectural space, the more we explore, the more we see the great value of what has been and remains with this place.

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