Coc Ly Market

Located among the hills, immersed in the dreamy floating clouds is a bustling scene of Coc Ly market held every Tuesday. Coc Ly market is about 35km from Bac Ha town near Sapa Vietnam, is a meeting place to exchange friends, exchange, buy and sell goods of the H’Mong, Black Dzao and Nung people.

Seen from a distance, Coc Ly market near Sapa Vietnam looks like a water-color painting and is very lively: The water flows gently over the years, surrounded by green Bac Ha mountains and forests, a color flickering through each thin mist. . Adorning that beautiful natural scene, groups of Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung … gunslingers in typical costumes with delicate patterns from all the villages in the region eagerly flock to the market: pedestrians, horsemen carrying textile products, agricultural products and livestock…

The market is divided into separate zones. Items with bold mountain flavor such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, wood ear, honey, corn wine, upland rice, household appliances, jewelry and colorful brocade products Colorful, vivid motifs are concentrated in one area, displayed on plastic sheets spread on the ground. However, the most prominent area is still the area selling livestock and poultry such as: Buffalo, cow, pig, chicken, dog, horse and cat… The atmosphere in this area is bustling, buyers, sellers, standing, sitting scattered. garbage and agree to buy and sell with each other.

Besides, the area for ethnic dishes is also quite lively. Mixed in the smoke rising from the food stalls, there are countless different sounds: the buzzing talk, the sound of dishes and chopsticks clashing and in that bustling atmosphere, visitors will have to stop. , sit down and enjoy their cuisine with the ethnic people.

Coc Ly Market near Sapa Vietnam is really attractive and attractive, perhaps the customer service area, especially for young men and women. Here, visitors can take pictures with their relatives or friends as a souvenir or stop by the “dental clinic” to put on a gold tooth for a more charming mouth…According to the local language. Coc Ly means the origin of Plum and the beauty of this market is not only that people come here to buy and sell, exchange goods (using goods to exchange for goods) but also to travel and meet each other. and sing the love songs… If you have the opportunity to travel to Sapa Vietnam, don’t miss this interesting market every Tuesday. In addition, Sapa has many other markets waiting for you to explore.

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