Chatting about eating pork together for Tet

The happiest time is on the afternoon of the 27th and 28th of the New Year, in Tho Ha ancient village when it is raining outside, the spring wind brings the cold of winter, driving through the alleys, the yellow canola flowers in the garden, our children running from the house. From house to house, cotton shirt wrapped around the body, listening to the squealing sound of pigs, in which house they race to run in that direction. We gathered, stood in adoration all day, watched the aunts and uncles make pork. The sound of knives and chopping boards, the sound of people laughing and asking to share this part, excited the whole village. We also crowded around the red fire with a pot of boiling water to boil the pig’s intestines, looking eager to wait for our parents, grandparents to put in their mouths a piece of young pho or sipping a bowl of mixed water in ecstatic joy. and think of the dinner on the 30th of Tet with the new shirt my mother bought. The story of the pig in the old days was so much fun.

At that time in Tho Ha ancient village, inviting pigs to celebrate Tet together, no one had to think about clean pigs or dirty pigs, there was no such concept. No one has to think about the daily increase in the price of pigs. Because the whole year raising a pig in the family is considered as the removal of pipes to take advantage of food sources in the field such as ground corn, rice bran, sweet vegetables, water fern picked from the pond, water for washing rice daily, wort in the pot. alcohol… Pigs are kept together with cows. In the winter and in the summer, there is straw to spread the barn for cows to lie on, while pigs are ironed in ashes, in rice husks… But there is no disease. I haven’t sold pigs for a whole year, but I have thought about buying a Tet shirt for my son, the big work in the house also looks at the money from selling pigs. The price of pork is the same in the village and in the village, no one is worried about increasing the price.

The story of sharing a piece of pork on Tet in the old days in Tho Ha ancient village has become an annual, peaceful and simple routine like the thrifty habit of Vietnamese farmers. That routine is also a joy to end an old year, with many hardships and worries for a living to prepare to enter a new year with the belief that the crops will be victorious, the rain will be favorable and the wind will be favorable. The common story of pigs celebrating Tet today is why so many worries and precautions are so fake! After all, what goes along with nature in animal husbandry and cultivation like our ancestors in the past brings people peace and serenity. I wish that when Tet comes in spring, we can live the joys of childhood again: inviting a pig together to celebrate Tet is when spring has arrived in front of the alley, shake off the real – fake, clean – dirty worries behind us!

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