Celebrate a new meal in Sapa Vietnam

As usual, when Sapa Vietnam is in the fall, when the fields are bright yellow with ripe rice, the villages are bustling with the sound of pounding rice to make green rice, making roasted rice in preparation for the new rice celebration. Rice celebration. Moi is a traditional ceremony held with the meaning of summarizing a year of production, in the same way that people in the Northwest offer the fruits of their labor to heaven and earth, praying for good weather and good harvests. and express your sincerity to your ancestors.

Going to Sapa Vietnam on autumn days means immersing yourself in the bustling atmosphere, full of joy in a bountiful harvest. Going to Sapa in the autumn days can feel a part of the soul in the common religious customs of the Northwest ethnic people, full of joy and excitement.

But the fragrant rice grains at the beginning of the season, after many elaborate processing steps, become a specialty dish for the land of Sapa Vietnam. The green rice grains are extremely popular with tourists because of their fragrant aroma, combining the sweetness of the earth, the sky and human love.

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