Can Cau Market

Can Cau Market is famous in Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai, this is a lucky market that still retains the traditional cultural features of hundreds of years of Chinese Hmong, Black Dzao, Tay, Nung and Dzay people. The market is only held every Saturday from 6am to midday.

Can Cau market near Sapa Vietnam is a community cultural space that is always expected of ethnic minorities. Immersed in the busy flow of people, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the splendid brocade dresses like giant flower butterflies. Or buy your friends and relatives bags woven by skillful hands of the girls here. The goods here are sold very simply, sometimes just spreading out the clothes and turning into stalls.

The market near Sapa Vietnam is also divided into many zones, selling brocade, selling tools and livestock for production, but perhaps the area that visitors like the most is the area for traditional dishes. You should stop by a small shop, roofed with a simple thatched roof, sip a cup of rich apple cider, dispel the cold of the cold winter in the Northwest highlands. After leaving, you will remember and as if you still don’t want to leave, and then promise to return one day not far away.

Because Can Cau market today still retains many traditional features of a highland mountain market, it is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists. To get to Can Cau market from the center of Lao Cai city, you have to go by car for more than 80 km, and if you go from Sapa town, it takes about 120 km. Because the distance is quite long, you have to go early in the morning, the best way to book Sapa Vietnam tours departing during the day, you will be arranged by tour operators and guide you to the time and visit. Discover the most complete market.

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