Can Cau Buffalo Market

Many people say that Sapa Vietnam and Simaicai are twin sisters, both with pure and beautiful beauty bestowed by nature. But Sapa is more favored with many outstanding places and was discovered by the French to become a tourist destination since the French colonial period, thus attracting more tourists, while Simacai, although not beautiful, stands out. Fewer tourist spots but still retain the wild and rustic beauty typical of majestic mountains.

Although striving to become a tourist destination, this place still has its own characteristics, which will probably never be changed because it is almost a tradition and custom of the people here. Especially, Can Cau market near Sapa Vietnam is a typical market of ethnic minorities (mainly Giay, Mong – Hoa) in the Northwest, Vietnam; located along the road 153 – a unique dirt road connecting Bac Ha town with the border town of Si Ma Cai, in the territory of Can Cau commune, Si Ma Cai district, Lao Cai province.

The market near Sapa Vietnam usually meets on the following days: every Saturday, public holiday, New Year of the year, lasting from early morning to past noon. This is also the largest buffalo market in the Northwest, Vietnam with hundreds of buffaloes traded in each market.

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