Can cake in Vietnamese cuisine

The raw material for making banh Can in Vietnamese cuisine is plain rice, soaked for about 6 to 8 hours and then ground into a thin powder. Pour cake can using a large round terracotta oven, above is a cake mold with round holes, about 8-16 holes; furnace body to store embers. Apply a layer of grease to each mold, then cover the mold, wait until it is very hot before pouring the dough. The first batch is used for furnace testing and mold coating.

People use a metal plow to take the cake out of the mold. When the top of the cake is spongy and dry, the edges of the cake shrink and peel off, the cake is cooked and can be eaten. Banh Can in Vietnamese cuisine served hot with sweet and sour fish sauce, served with raw vegetables, deep-fried bread.

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