Butterfly season comes

It was late afternoon, the wind was gently blowing on the branches. The green garden in my yard keeps flickering with thin butterfly wings, all white, yellow, blue… Butterfly season is back! When the butterfly season comes, I enjoy watching the butterflies gently fly in my garden in Tho Ha ancient village, but I can’t help but worry – this vegetable will have a lot of pests! However, I did not have the heart to chase away those gentle “guests”. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them this much. They come and go when they are satisfied, not noisy but enough to disturb the eye to see.

I remember the butterfly season of my childhood in Tho Ha ancient village, the butterfly season gave me a lesson when looking at life: even in the beautiful, cute, seemingly harmless things, there are still obstacles and dangers. That year, I was in grade 8 at the village school. Half of the day to go to school, half of the day to help parents with the work. Usually in the afternoon, my sister and I go to the fields to cut vegetables and potatoes for pigs. My grandfather made me a pair of bamboo light poles, small enough for me to carry so that I wouldn’t have “twisted ribs”.

My sisters and I just went to our fields to cut a full load of vegetables, just enough to carry, then come back, tired somewhere, rest there in Tho Ha ancient village. Sometimes, vegetables and potatoes grown are not enough for the growing herd of pigs, so we and some children of the same age in the neighborhood invite each other to find wild vegetables. Each child carried a trick to the field, through each vegetable field swooped down to find and pull out the wild vegetables: rice worms, aphids, snail scales, fish bones, jasmine, airplanes… It was a mess, but when it was chopped, , cooked up is a pot of fragrant bran. The pigs love this mixed bran dish. One afternoon, like every day, the wind blew coolly from the river, our children were working hard to find wild vegetables in the vegetable beds, my sister suddenly dropped her sickle and jumped happily: “Oh, so beautiful! Sister, look, there are so many butterflies!” Our children were so drunk that they were bewildered by the delicate butterfly wings, scurrying up and down the fields, but forgetting the whole afternoon…

In the evening meal, my sisters and I talked passionately about the butterflies flying in the fields in Tho Ha ancient village. Grandma softly sighed and said: “It’s been almost ten years, now they come back so much”! At that time, I did not understand why she was sad, worried and sighed. Butterflies are beautiful, they don’t harm humans, why wouldn’t you like it! But my immature mind quickly ignored those questions and followed each butterfly.

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