Bustling market

One of the favorite destinations of those traveling in the highlands is Bac Ha market. But not far away, there has long been another market meeting on Saturdays and holidays – Tet that is Can Cau market of the Hoa Mong and Giay people in Simacai near Sapa Vietnam

Here, you not only see the scene of food and food trading, but also marvel at the brilliant colors of H’mong costumes, woolen rolls, beautiful brocade cloths… Especially, at the market. In Can Cau near Sapa Vietnam, people also sell buffaloes, cows, horses, birds… and cute dogs. Buffaloes, cows, horses are sold by weight. Birds cost millions. In the busy trading scene, visitors can also find themselves an interest in a lovely pony or an innocent “baby puppy”.

People who go to Can Cau market near Sapa Vietnam often do not return in the morning, but go to the market all day. At noon, both buyers and sellers can warm their stomachs with a donut, a semi-thick, or a bowl of thang co. At about 3 pm, when the clouds gathered more and more, the market began to end, people led their horses back, people carried their children and carried away meat, vegetables, and clothes.

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