Brocade embroidery “Specialty” with Sapa style

Sapa Vietnam is not only famous for its fresh climate, spectacular scenery with places like Silver Waterfall, Cau May, or ancient rock fields with strange carvings, bearing messages of ancient people. Lao Cai is also famous for its traditional crafts such as linen cultivation, knitting, carpentry, silver jewelry making, and incense making. In that “polytechnic”, brocade products have become a famous brand at home and abroad, an indispensable gift for many tourists.

Going around the famous tourist spots in Sapa Vietnam, there are brocade products everywhere, but to choose a “specialty” brocade gift of the highland people, for those who are knowledgeable and sophisticated. It is impossible not to find a place that has long been famous not only for traditional cultural activities such as the Festival of Dance, the Ceremony of Graduation of the Red Dao people… but also known to tourists from far and near for its products. Brocade of the Mong and Dao people. Normally, for craftsmen to embroider a product, an embroidery frame is required, but for the Hmong and Dao women, with only their hands and needles, they can create brilliant brocade sheets. Colorful with bright patterns, close to nature, moving the lives of indigenous people, that is flowers, birds, grass, sky and clouds.

For women of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam, embroidering brocades used in daily life is an indispensable job, if the woman does not know how to weave and embroider, it also means that the whole family will not have pants. shirt to wear. Those are very valuable skills and have been deeply rooted in the process of developing into a traditional profession. The girls were familiar with embroidery before going to school, so when they were in high school, their mothers taught them how to embroider, how to choose yarn, how to choose fabrics, how to find plants to get colors, and how to pick colors. such as the technique of mixing colors, mixing colors so that they are beautiful and pleasing to everyone’s eyes. Embroidery products are also a measure of the ingenuity and industriousness of a responsible woman.

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