Brilliant costumes of the Red Dao people

The Dao often grow cotton in the mountains, they take advantage of their leisure time, not going to the fields or fields to turn cotton, press seeds, spin yarn, weave cloth and make clothes. Usually in January and February, when the fields have little frost, they take advantage of sowing seeds, until the day they get cotton, they put them in a pot of boiling water and then soak them in cold water, then spin them into yarn and weave cloth. Like many other costumes of the Dao in Sapa Vietnam, a complete traditional costume of the Red Dao includes a scarf, hat, shirt, pants, belt, and leg leggings. But a beautiful and sophisticated outfit must have exactly 5 basic colors mixed together. The most important part of their costume is the indigo or black ao dai. Red Dao women do not wear short dresses, but only wear long dresses, the sleeves are connected to the body, not cut under the armpits like other ethnic dresses. The collar is attached to the chest, embroidered with decorative motifs with colored threads. The top of the chest brace is studded with red beads and tassels.

Red Dao women in Sapa Vietnam also pay attention to the motifs on the sleeves. Usually, the sleeve and brace are embroidered mainly with red and white thread, or yellow thread. They also know how to charm with a small shirt inside, with motifs concentrated on the chest, neck and back of the shirt. Usually they embroider or attach silver flower buttons vertically in the middle of the shirt, worn inside the ao dai. The motifs often embroidered are pine trees, tiger footprints, palanquin flowers, serrated teeth… When worn, the patterns are combined very harmoniously and beautifully. To know the sophistication, sophisticated embroidery techniques must mention the pants. The top of the pants is jet black, with no pattern, but at the bottom, the pattern is meticulously embroidered. The decorative patterns on the two trousers are usually squares, red, yellow, white rectangles or pine trees, fillings…, creating a harmonious balance for the whole outfit.

It is easy to distinguish Red Dao women from other Dao women through their colorful red headscarves. Often towels are decorated with motifs such as tiger footprints, kaleidoscope or embroidered paragraphs. When worn on the head, the textures of these layers will be revealed, adding grace to the scarf. Many sisters, many women also make tassels of red silk thread on the scarf, swaying with each step. Finally, there are decorative patterns on the leggings, mainly serrated. The woman wears leggings not only to cover the non-embroidered fabric of the Ao Dai, but also to increase the vitality of the outfit. With patience, diligence and skillful hands, delicate art in the use of colors, the Red Dao people in Sapa Vietnam have adorned their costumes more brilliantly, like a colorful flower in the mountains and forests without being confused with any other ethnic group.

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