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If Bac Ha is famous for Ban Pho wine specialties, Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam has Man Than and Sin Chéng wines that are also ranked and have their own brands. Si Ma Cai wine is cooked by the traditional technique of the Mong people for generations, creating the most quintessential flavor of the wine here. Coming to Si Ma Cai, everyone wants to enjoy dishes made from black chicken, as the villagers call it “okê” chicken. This type of chicken is easy to distinguish by its black feathers, all skin, meat and bones are black, chickens are often raised naturally on the hillsides, so the meat is very delicious. Smoked pork is also a specialty of Si Ma Cai highland. This meat can be stored for a long time, and it is interesting to cook with spicy sauerkraut. Si Ma Cai also attracts diners by the delicious dishes imbued with national identity, such as five-color sticky rice, brain bean soup…

For the Mong people in Si Ma Cai, when it comes to ancient architecture, the house is also a cultural feature that still retains its value. The house of the Mong Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam is made very elaborately. According to tradition, from October to November of the lunar calendar, after the harvest is complete, the Mong people begin to build houses. The walled house in Si Ma Cai has a unique architecture, the columns are made of wood, the roof is tiled, the walls are made of earth, so the summer is cool and the winter is warm. When the housework starts, the whole village comes to help or change the work, this is showing the spirit of solidarity and high community cohesion. Thanks to the very elaborate process, the house is very durable.

Ethnic groups in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam have many festivals showing their own identity, such as Gau Tao, going down to the fields and worshiping the forest. In which, forest worshiping is a festival expressing spiritual consciousness and respecting and protecting nature. Forest worshiping ceremony in early spring is one of the very important rituals, so the people prepare carefully and thoughtfully. According to the ritual, after finishing the worship, for 3 days after that, people are not allowed to break ground, use knives, hoe, shovel to dig the ground or cut down any tree, if violated, they will be severely fined. This thought comes from the concept that the forest god is very sacred and will bless and protect those who have a clear mind and know how to protect nature. Coming to Si Ma Cai today, right in the center of the district is a forest with green trees called “Forbidden Forest”, this is where the forest worshiping festivals at the beginning of the year often take place.

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