Bo Bat Pottery Village – Ninh Binh

The pottery village of Bo Bat village near Tam Coc Ninh Binh dates back thousands of years, this is a land with very precious white clay used to produce ceramic products. The pottery village of Bo Bat village – Ninh Binh dates back thousands of years, this is a land with very precious white clay used to produce ceramic products.

With the policy of restoring and developing the traditional craft of the provincial Party Committee and the People’s Committee of Ninh Binh province, Bo Bat pottery profession is tending to recover. Bo Bat pottery village, now Bach Lien village, belongs to Yen Thanh commune, Yen Mo district near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. According to historical records, Bo Bat pottery village (at that time under Truong Yen government) was famous thousands of years ago with unique white ceramic products created by talented craftsmen of the village. This has been confirmed by traces of dense layers of terracotta and ceramic fragments that have been found in abundance in this area. During the Ly – Tran dynasties, the village’s talented craftsmen created high-class products such as terracotta bricks “Dai Viet Quoc Quan Thanh Chuyen” – specialized bricks for building citadel, sophisticated ceramic products such as dragon heads. , mascot face, dishes, household items…

In 1010, when King Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long, a series of artisans in Bo Bat craft village followed the court to Thang Long land to build a new capital, produce ceramic products for the court and serve the court. population. These artisans have settled in the land along the Red River, where there is good clay to produce ceramics and established the Bat Trang craft village today. After the good artisans who followed the court left Thang Long to establish a new pottery-making ward, the people of Bo Bat could no longer keep their traditional profession, gradually those who stayed mainly planted rice and farmed to live and wander. Forget the once flourishing profession. Pottery in Bo Bat has been “lost” since then.

Mr. Pham Van Vang, Director of Bo Bat Village Pottery Workshop, the first person to build and revive the ancient pottery craft. Bo Bat pottery workshop with a scale of more than 300m2, is the first and only workshop of Bach Lien village so far, built after hundreds of years of being forgotten. The main products of the establishment are teapots, dishes, flowerpots, products with patterns and textures that create a distinct feature, different from other ceramic lines bearing images related to historical and cultural values. The culture of the land of the ancient capital, the outstanding tourist attractions of Ninh Binh such as: Trang An eco-tourism area, Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh pagoda, Tam Coc Ninh Binh… Bo Bat ceramic products are sold on the market. Very good evaluation due to thick, white and deep enamel, good mechanical strength, half the price compared to similar products on the market. The team of skilled workers of the pottery workshop focuses on researching, selecting, and understanding the unique and condensed cultural features and artifacts of the homeland to convey by drawing patterns and stylized images on the website. ceramic. Pottery set of Bo Bat pottery private enterprise – a product of Ninh Binh province was voted and honored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a typical national industrial and agricultural product in 2015.

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