Black chicken soup

The next dish also made from black chicken ingredients is a nutritious black chicken soup. In the past, the Si Ma Cai people only cooked black chicken soup for the sick or served valuable guests. Today, black chicken soup has become a specialty and delicious dish of the people of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam.

In order to cook a delicious in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam, nutritious and delicious bowl of black chicken soup, the cook must choose the chicken carefully, not too big or too small. Chicken is cleaned, cut into small pieces, marinated with ginger, lemongrass, cardamom, dried chili, salted lemon leaves and a few drops of corn wine. The seasoning of black chicken soup is extremely important, because without one of these spices, the special flavor of the dish will not be produced.

After the soup is cooked, it is scooped out into bowls for everyone to enjoy. Eating black chicken soup is very good for health, especially good for people with arthritis. The nutritious bowl of black chicken soup with the aroma of ginger, lemongrass, cardamom and the spicy taste of chili leaves an unforgettable impression on every visitor after enjoying it in Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam.

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