Betel nut with phoenix wings

Go to Tho Ha ancient village to find Artisan Nguyen Thi Loan and ask to know, Artist Nguyen Thi Loan is 83 years old this year. Seeing that I was captivated by a plate of betel nut with beautiful phoenix wings next to her, she took my hand and sang: “Hands hold the betel nut / first invite guests, then invite both parties”. I held a piece of betel nut with phoenix wings with a phoenix crest studded with brilliant velvet rose petals, I asked: How can I make betel nut with phoenix wings and is it easy?

She laughed and said: “If you like it, you can only teach it for a while, if you don’t like it, you can’t do it for the rest of your life.” After that, she instructed immediately. “Betel nut and phoenix act like a phoenix. The head is red betel nut, the body is made of betel nut, and the tail is made of betel leaf.” Saying and doing, Grandma picked up the instructions from the leaves to guide me and the children around her in the courtyard of the Tho Ha ancient village

“The selected betel leaves must be green, not too old, not too young, and have a tail to make a beautiful phoenix tail. How to make 5 equal parts and trim. When done somewhere, cut the areca nut into four parts, take one part as the phoenix body, trim it so that the phoenix body is very graceful, then cut a piece of bright red agarwood shell and put it on the areca nut, put a little lime on the areca nut. do the head. And the last move is to set the rose as the phoenix crest.”

These old hands have now been able to record the imprints of the past, then gently push many young generations. Mrs. Nguyen Thi Loan seemed to be back in the distant past, when she spoke to tell the old fairy tale about betel nut. The children were so engrossed in listening to her stories that they forgot about trimming, but spending time alone with them was a challenge. The story told on the side of the betel nut, how the phoenix is sometimes scored in the Quan Ho song. The little girl’s voice pouted: “Grandma, why is my betel nut bruised?!”

She smiled kindly and explained. “Do you see the bowl of water next to it? And a slice of lemon too. When finished sanding betel leaves and pruning the phoenix tail, I put it in a bowl of water to make the leaves fresher and drift away the debris of the leaves. After you cut the areca nut, take a piece of lemon and rub it lightly on the areca nut, so that your betel nut won’t be bruised or wilted.”

Is this the secret to baptizing betel nut with beautiful phoenix wings, but hidden in it is a folklore imbued with deep philosophy, which was cherished by the people of the Tho Ha ancient village?

Farewell to Artisan Nguyen Thi Loan, the story of betel nut about the Vietnamese custom of betel nut eating is still vivid in the ears and still has its value, of the beautiful, loyal and loyal love. Up to now, betel nut has become a matter of morality and ethics, advising people to get closer together, more altruistic to live in harmony and compassion in an integrated life.

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