Best view Sapa

From Sapa Vietnam, go straight along the national highway and turn towards Hau Thao cave. Go about more than 1km, you turn left to go to Truong Giang tourist area. Continue going straight for about 3km to get to the best view of Sapa.

The road to the best view Sapa is somewhat winding and dangerous, so you should hold the steering wheel firmly to master the road here. In case it is difficult for you to find the way, use Google map or ask the locals. Although driving is a bit tiring, it is quite interesting to be immersed in the fresh nature here.

Best view Sapa is only about 4km from the town center. Address: Group 3, Cau May ward, Sapa Vietnam. This place is known as the most beautiful sunrise and cloud hunting spot of Sapa Vietnam. With charming scenery, fresh nature, you can watch the sunset while sipping coffee.

Best view Sapa is located on a mountain with an altitude of 1600m above sea level. Possessing a large area of up to 40,000m2, divided into many attractive areas. Around the best view Sapa, there are many tourist areas, entertainment places, cafes, restaurants that are extremely convenient. This place deserves to be an ideal cloud hunting spot for visitors during the four seasons.

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