Being friendly with nature, preserving the local cultural identity

Formed on the ancient land, Sapa Vietnam has 6 main ethnic groups, including: Mong (54.9%), Dao (25.6%), Kinh (13.6%); Tay (3%), Day (1.6%) and other ethnic groups. In the highlands, the Mong and Dao people reclaim the mountain slopes into terraced fields located along the high mountain slopes, creating unique landscapes that attract tourists; especially the area of terraced fields in Muong Hoa valley has been ranked as a national heritage. The architecture of houses of ethnic groups in ethnic minority villages and villages also creates a unique attraction for tourists.

The traditional crafts of the ethnic groups in the town are quite rich and diverse such as brocade of the Dao, Tay and Mong people, forging and casting of the H’mong, knitting of the Phu La, and carving. silver carving and jewelry making of the Mong and Dao ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam; folk remedies of ethnic minorities; Traditional costumes of ethnic groups also create a special attraction for tourists. However, most of the community-based tourist attractions in the town are only exploiting food, accommodation and cultural performances to serve tourists, lacking activities to attract and prolong their stay. of local tourists. Traditional crafts have only stopped at pilot models, so they have not yet created a spillover effect.

According to Chairman of Sa Pa Town People’s Committee Vuong Trinh Quoc, Sa Pa aims to develop a nature-friendly community-based tourism development policy, preserving the cultural identity of indigenous peoples. Accordingly, it is necessary to plan and orient the development of tourism products in a sustainable way, associated with the conservation and promotion of national cultural values; preserving the natural landscape; develop tourism products with high potential and competitive advantages, in which priority is given to building tourism products associated with the natural and cultural potentials of Sa Pa National Tourist Area to meet the needs of tourists. diversity of visitors, ensuring sustainability, capable of attracting high spenders and repeat visitors. Specifically, will focus on developing cultural experience tourism products associated with community tourism of Sapa Vietnam ethnic groups with the theme “Sa Pa – The land of experiencing and learning traditional culture”. A community-based tourist attraction according to ASEAN standards associated with the characteristics of 5 ethnic minorities in the town, including: Muong Hoa associated with Mong ethnic culture, Ban Ho associated with Tay ethnic culture, Ta Phin associated with culture Dao ethnic culture, Union associated with Phu La ethnic culture (Xa Pho branch group), Ta Van associated with Giay ethnic culture.

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