Bee pupae porridge

The Tay people in Sapa Vietnam know dozens of different types of bees, some specializing in honey, others giving precious medicines and beeswax. Children use bee pupae as bait for fishing. In particular, wasps are a terror to humans and livestock if they come close to their nest or accidentally step on the underground beehive. But it is this ferocious bee that has numerous pupae. Bee pupae are very tasty and nutritious food. The white bee pupa, almost the size of a little finger, has a great appeal to gourmets.

Even the local children when taking the beehive also know how to enjoy this delicious Sapa Vietnam dish. Small nests with few pupae, they are used to fish or eat raw. If they meet a big nest, they also organize to cook porridge right at the buffalo grazing field. However, the large beehives with several pounds of pupae, only connoisseurs of bees dare to touch. The bee pupae porridge is still considered a specialty of Sapa and has a very simple way of processing. The cook only needs to drop a part of fresh pupae into the pot, the rest are roasted fragrantly with onions, fat and then put all into the porridge pot. Those who like to sip, take a few of these roasted bee pupae and serve with alcohol, and they will be drunk at any time.

If to answer how delicious bee porridge is, the Tay people living in Sapa Vietnam will answer: Anyone who has been stung by a wasp knows what a strong feeling is. But the delicious taste of bee pupa porridge is many times stronger. It is the unique sweet taste of this porridge that has caused many people to defy the danger to find honeycombs and beehives. In addition to cooking porridge, roasted bee pupa or bee pupa salad are also very delicious and nutritious dishes.

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