Because they never understood each other

Thach sat next to the pot of cakes that were slowly ripening, not believing that he had succeeded. This time, he can accurately cook sticky rice, beans, meat, and bananas just enough. He was about to laugh, but he was so sad that his smile flattened into a sigh. I know how many times I have soaked in sticky rice to cook steamed cakes, but I still find this job extremely boring, I don’t understand why my wife can do it every day in Tho Ha ancient village.

Not just wrapping cakes, going to sell. So many other jobs: cooking, washing, cleaning, feeding pigs… a billion other nameless things, just thinking of them pulling heavy heels that he thought women had to do. He never asked his wife if she was tired, if she needed any help… He just knew how to fulfill his responsibilities, as people often tell men to do, ie rush out to the street to earn enough money in Tho Ha ancient village, then come back, then return. allowed to relax. When do the women rest? He remembers, while sleeping, his wife also mumbled the cost of sticky rice and firewood. Well, maybe it was because Thach thought that was enough. In the days I was still alive, I only wished for that. I hope your father just goes to work regularly and then comes home to rest. If my father goes to work, it will be less difficult at home. Don’t be like a melancholy actor, then take a break to drink. It also doesn’t take long to give her cheeks a couple of bruises and strings of nagging. I just need a warm meal without tears, but I can’t get it.

Why now, when there is too much time and loneliness, does Thach understand each person’s need for happiness differently? Your wife doesn’t need gifts, just the right attention. The more he tried to remember, the more obscure he became. He couldn’t count how many times his wife asked for something and he hummed and forgot because his head was devoted to work. He couldn’t list all her days of illness without medicine, the meals that gave him meat and fish, the tired eyes. People are not a problem, how dare you fill in the present with past answers and then destroy the future.

The day his wife left in Tho Ha ancient village, Thach maintained all available programming for another half a month. In the end, the work cycle also broke or the smoldering loneliness ignited into a fire that burned all the strings that were leading him like a puppet. He quit his job. He learned how to pack cakes and then went wholesale. He went around, heard about her wherever he went. He was so busy walking. When he did the job his wife used to do before, he understood the distance that existed between the two of them. All questions answered as to why she left. Now, what remains is the voice of Thach’s wife, the only thing Thach can remember to do for her. She complains of a sore throat all the time. By the time Thach finished, there was no one left to carry the bread around the neighborhood around the street. Thach raised his hand to rebuke the sound, bursting into tears. He could not forget the “slash” on his wife’s heart, when he was disappointed that the pregnancy was not a boy. What did he think, he doesn’t remember. Child sex is not happiness. It is a burden passed on from the past. Thach’s parents are happier with him. They are still unhappy because they never understood each other.

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