Beautiful scenery, many unique cultural features

Si Ma Cai is located on the upstream of Chay River near Sapa Vietnam, with many beautiful landscapes, cool and fresh climate. This land is surrounded by many majestic and majestic limestone mountains. Si Ma Cai is now not too far away because there is a paved concrete road, shortening the journey time. Coming to Si Ma Cai, visitors not only can discover and learn about diverse landscapes and nature, but also immerse themselves in the life imbued with national cultural identity here. From the Bac Ha white plateau, less than 10 km upstream, visitors can come to Lu Than commune – the gateway of Si Ma Cai with fields of purple and pink buckwheat flowers stretching on the hillsides. The green color of the trees and leaves blends with the green of the mountains and the purple of the buckwheat flowers, creating a beautiful scene, giving visitors a feeling of relaxation..Si Ma Cai is also famous for its forests. Gray rocks in San Chai, Quan Than San, and Thao Chu Phin communes are floating in the clouds, clouds and wind keep embracing the rocky forests in the majestic space.

The terraced fields are also the highlight of the heartbreaking beauty of the land of Si Ma Cai near Sapa Vietnam. Going to Sin Cheng commune, visitors will admire the terraced fields connecting the banks from above to low. Along with nature, what makes Si Ma Cai attractive is the national cultural identity. Si Ma Cai has unique cultural villages such as Can Chu Su, Ban Giang, Say San Phin. The people of Thu Lao, Nung, H’Mong, Tay… have their own costumes, customs, practices, and house architecture. Especially, the H’Mong people in Si Ma Cai still keep the houses that are built according to the superficial two-story structure architecture, with extremely unique patterns. Coming to Thao Chu Phin, Nan Sin communes of Si Ma Cai district, visitors will discover the smoky savanna forests, where the lyrical flute sounds and the chirping birds can be heard. Going down to the Chay riverside area in Ban Me commune is a place with poetic scenery, from here visitors can go down the Chay river lake to Coc Ly (Bac Ha district) to see the vast and deep valley.

The highlight when traveling to Si Ma Cai is traveling to the market with products made by the local ethnic people. Every Wednesday, visiting Sin Cheng market, visitors will witness the colorful cultural space of brocade of the Mong ethnic group in the brocade stalls. Besides, visitors can enjoy attractive and new dishes from famous Sin Ché ducks throughout the Si Ma Cai region near Sapa Vietnam. Visiting Can Cau market every Saturday, visitors seem to be lost in a different cultural space with full of colors. Trau Can Cau Market in this land is also known as the largest “buffalo trading floor” of the whole Northwest.

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