Banana bushes after house

Among the gifts from Tho Ha ancient village, people treasure a lot of fruit from the garden, although it is not much, but it is a little love of the sender. If you want to give each other delicious fruit, you have to choose the first fruit of the season, just picked it from the tree, the love and the fragrant herbs are there… The fruit at the end of the season is usually small, just left in the dining room, giving it to anyone is also embarrassing in your heart. .

The lullaby The wind brings the banana bushes after the summer keeps echoing along the Cau River, the hum echoes under the roofs, nurturing the souls of generations growing up in the garden. No one remembers nor does it take any effort to learn the history of the banana tree, only knowing that, when they were still in their cradles, people grew up with the lullaby of banana bushes after the summer. The five-year-olds, the seven-year-olds running around the house, or playing the fifteen-year-old game, there’s always someone hiding behind the banana bushes.

Bananas are also pleasant, any part can be used, young banana stems or bananas are often used as salads, with enough sour taste to sip a few sauces. Ripe bananas are eaten raw, sick people or newborns often boil them to eat healthy. Banana leaves improvise in all kinds of ways, depending on the ingenuity of the grandmothers and mothers, banana leaves wrap all kinds of different cakes.

If you have to rank, perhaps it’s cake, Tet cake is the top application of banana leaves. The house has an anniversary or prepares Tet cakes, purple cheeks are often wrong to pull out banana leaves after the summer, dry them in the sun so that the leaves wither enough softness and flexibility, wrap the glutinous rice seeds, pieces of dough … Banana leaf wrap cake when steamed or boiled, the smell of flour, glutinous rice, green beans mixed with the smell of banana leaves, haven’t eaten but the smell is enough to crave. Or hot corn sticky rice is wrapped in banana leaves, which also makes the aroma more than doubled compared to being in a plastic box. Bananas are also varied with all kinds of cakes and tea dishes. Or more simply, ripe bananas are thinly pressed and then dried, chewy pieces of bananas, soaked with sweet nectar from the banana intestines, are also delicious dishes to sip with a hot tea pot.

During my university years, in my luggage every time I came up from Tho Ha ancient village, my friend’s bag was packed with a little bit of each item. A bunch of fruit cakes, a bunch of ready-to-eat food, and always one or two bunches of bananas that have just smelt… No need to be seasonal, monthly, bananas grow all year round, so a bunch of local gifts are always accompanied by a few bunches of bananas. .

The friends shared the It cake, Tet cake, and a bunch of porcelain bananas lying in wait, a day or two after they were ripe to eat, they were all gone by noon. There is no need to divide, because each child breaks one fruit, at the end of lunch time, one or two bananas will be done.

In the modern rhythm of life, people also began to make many handicrafts from bananas, the banana tree at Tho Ha ancient village suddenly transformed into souvenirs to the west. But at home, bananas still grow peacefully after the summer, then somewhere in the ups and downs of life, seeing a cake wrapped in banana leaves, a bunch of yellow and sweet bananas, people remember the garden lullaby: Summer winds bring dust after bananas.

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