Ban Ho village

Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam is a small village located in Ho village, about 30 km southwest of the town center. Although located quite far from the center, this place is favored by nature for an extremely ‘prime’ geographical position. Ban Ho is located close to the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range and reflects itself under the poetic Muong Hoa stream.

When coming to Ho village, you will surely be moved by the impressive natural picture. The golden color of the upland rice fields on the terraced fields is surrounded by hills, the houses of the Tay ethnic group and the cool, poetic stream. Although Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam is not as famous as other villages, it possesses the most majestic natural scenery and the most cultural heritages. In recent years, Ho village has been exploited many tourist factors to serve the visit of tourists near and far.

If you have the opportunity to visit Ban Ho Sapa Vietnam on weekends, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the singing, playing and dancing performances of the indigenous people. The people living in Ho village are mainly Tay and Giay ethnic groups. Therefore, when visiting Ho village, you will also discover more deeply the beauty of life and the cultural habits of the people here.

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