Ban Den Sapa

Traveling to Ban Den in Sapa Vietnam, visitors can not only drop their souls by the picturesque stream and listen to the murmuring stream in their ears. Ban Ho, in addition to two streams, Muong Hoa and La Ve, also has a series of other beautiful streams and waterfalls such as Ca Nhay, Seo Trung Ho, etc., which are places that attract visitors’ passion and discovery of poetic nature. Seo Trung Ho waterfall with a height of over one hundred meters, seen from a distance like a white silk strip across the middle of the mountain, visitors have wanted to visit.

Come to Ban Den in Sapa Vietnam to learn about the unique culture of the people here. Join in on ancient songs, dances and traditional rituals. For the people here, the ceremony to go down to the field, the love song, the stall dance, and the Xoe dance are typical cultural features that really attract tourists. The people here also have the profession of growing cotton, planting mulberry, raising silkworms and weaving brocade to bring to the market for tourists, especially western guests. The people of Ban Den who come into contact with Western guests can speak English and French. They know how to use cell phones… but still keep the traditional cultural style. That is the beauty of the tourist and the high consciousness of the people.

Den village in Sapa Vietnam today attracts tourists with the form of home tourism with many special things. Ban Den has 29 of the most beautiful big houses on stilts in Ban Den village that have been selected to deploy this service and the most interesting thing is that the flow of people flocking to Ban Den to have a night’s stay in this village is increasing day by day. including young Vietnamese.

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